Welcome to Written By Dida

I live with chronic illnesses that cause pain and other symptoms. To cope with that, and the fact I can no longer hold a traditional job, I write. I've had several of these writings featured on The Mighty, an online community for people with all kinds of conditions.I decided to start a blog to discuss … Continue reading Welcome to Written By Dida


New Facebook Support Group

I'm a member of several groups, support and otherwise, on Facebook. Some of them have been helpful, but I've yet to find one that covers a specific variety of topics in a realistic way- so, I created one💜 Introducing- "Realistic Support for Chronic Illness, Addiction Recovery, & Mental Illness." This group is for people who … Continue reading New Facebook Support Group

Generic Equivalent vs. Brand Name Prescriptions

For some reason, I find myself having to get into crazy debates about this subject with people, so I've decided I'll just go ahead and put it all here, and direct everyone to this blog post when they start😂 First- it's in the title. Generic EQUIVALENT. That means it has to be equal in active … Continue reading Generic Equivalent vs. Brand Name Prescriptions


I'm creating "memes" from some quotes from my stories, and little things I've observed about life. These are called "Dida-Isms." Why the name? Well, one of my nicknames is Dida, and that's the side of me who is all about telling people what they need to hear, so...yeah, that's how Dida-isms were born😂😂

Published Pieces

This page will be updated periodically as I have pieces published. *** Latest published piece will always be the first one in the list. New version of "My Chronic Pain Is So Much More Than Just Pain"- https://fibromyalgiaresources.com/more-than-just-pain/ "Don't Give Up" https://fibromyalgiaresources.com/dont-stop-fighting-for-yourself/ "To The Show That Made It Seem OK To Question Invisible Illnesses" https://themighty.com/2019/02/face-the-truth-fibromyalgia-invisible-illness/Continue reading Published Pieces

Fibromyalgia Interview Questions

I'm currently working on some articles about Fibromyalgia that I'm collecting information for. If you would like to participate, please follow the links below. Only 10 questions were allowed per survey, so there are three of them to complete the interview. Please complete them all if you choose to participate. The more answers I get, … Continue reading Fibromyalgia Interview Questions